Psychic Healer NYC, Spiritual Healer NYC, Energy Healer NYC

Geozuwa was born with powerful abilities and has been doing metaphysical work such as astral travel, lucid dream control, remote viewing, and healing since early childhood without training. He has limitless connection and constant direct communication with Source energy. He also communicates with and visits the beyond, including other realms, realities, dimensions, and timelines. As an Ascended Healer and Master Teacher, he now guides students and clients to have similar experiences and master those same abilities. 

  Geozuwa speaks clearly to all levels in individual sessions, groups, and workshops with the Purest of Intentions. Part of his mission on Earth is to end the cycles of dysfunction, karma, and suffering for everyone – to heal this world and every reality.

  He is passionate about helping everyone awaken to their true Infinite and Eternal Self – to activate all of their limitless potential and break free from the dark illusions – to emerge as the Higher Self in perfect alignment with Source as a powerful creator.  

Geozuwa is adept at guiding people to the Other Side and back. Attendees of his workshops, as well as his private clients, continue to be healed on every level - many times from “incurable” issues. He is the founder of the Society of White Light dedicated to remote healing and channeling Infinite Pure Love and Divine Light to make the world a better, brighter, and more abundant place and accelerate a perfect Ascension for all.

Geozuwa is also the founder and president of Brilliant Future Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, with the ultimate goal of building a community of self sufficient homesteads in which highly qualified volunteers raise foster children, from infancy, in the healthiest, most loving, and supportive environment. The children will learn practical coping skills, problem solving, meditation, self-hypnosis, gardening, and many other valuable life skills. They will be guided to grow with amazing confidence, strength and courage knowing their true value and high self-worth - learning to respect themselves and all others. They will acquire the knowledge, through experience, to critically think for themselves with a combination of logic and creativity - to move through life in the most positive and most beneficial manner - creating healthy minded, ethical, compassionate, and moral generations going forward throughout the world.


Psychic Healer NYC, Spiritual Healer NYC, Energy Healer NYC