Healing Workshop NYC

Presented by Geozuwa

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In Person:

September 9 & 10, 2023 - Freehold, New Jersey

August 26 & 27, 2023 - Deltona, Florida

The most important workshop you will attend!

This is a fun and exciting workshop guaranteeing a lifetime of valuable knowledge and powerful techniques to keep you in a higher vibration of energy!

Who Should Attend?

If you want to get out of your own way, improve every aspect of your life, enjoy life to the fullest with ultimate meaning, realize your true infinite potential, and unlock your amazing healing abilities, this class is for you! If you are already a healer or want to become an extraordinary healer with unlimited energy, from Source, you must attend this class! This workshop is destined to be a valuable resource for the rest of your life. Geozuwa will teach you the secrets of the Enlightened and Evolved in a fun, fast, easy to use way and does so with the deepest integrity and purest intentions! You are encouraged to bring a list (private/personal) of everything you want to eliminate and change about yourself. All on the first day we eliminate any negative thought patterns, fears, trauma, obstacles and blockages. You learn self hypnosis and several NLP techniques.

Geozuwa teaches you how to easily and quickly achieve your goals! You will learn and master proven effective techniques to easily and effortlessly improve and heal yourself and others! This is an intensive hands-on learning experience. You will learn by experiencing it – seeing it – doing it – and having it done. With the world’s consciousness experiencing a shift – NOW is the time to Evolve Your Soul and be the amazing and powerful Creator you were born to be!

Take all of your skills and abilities to levels you may
have never dreamed possible!

Become a Certified White Light Healer!

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Day One

  • Introduction – Goals & Training

  • Hypnosis Demonstration

  • Group Hypnosis
    1) Positive Reinforcements
    2) Eliminate Negatives
    3) Build Confidence
  • Circle of Excellence

  • Self Hypnosis Instruction and programming
  • Self Hypnosis Practice
  • 1) Models of Rapid Change
    2) Re-Parenting
    3) Eliminating Fears & Traumas
    4) Mending Broken Hearts
    5) Parts Therapy
    6) New Behavior Generator
    7) Self-Appreciation
    8) Time-Line
    9) Success Track/Auto Pilot Success
  • Healing States of the Masters
  • Group Hypnosis
  • 1) Eliminate All Obstacles
    2) Permanently Clear Any and All Negative Energy
    3) Higher State of Consciousness
    4) Connect with Source/Universe
    5) Heal and Energize all attendees with the beautiful Pure Love White Light Healing Energy directly from the Source of All Creation
  • Homework Assignments
  • Day Two

  • Review Homework Assignments
  • Evolving your Soul Step-by-Step
  • Group Hypnosis
  • 1) Connect with Source
    2) Channel Pure Love & Positive Energy
  • Learn to Instantly & Easily Connect to Source
  • Practice Self Hypnosis- Connecting to Source
  • Learn Various Healing Techniques
  • Group Hypnosis
  • 1) Connect with Source
    2) Channel Pure Healing Energy
    3) Group Healing
  • Practice Healing Techniques
  • 1) Remote Heal individuals and groups
    2) Remote Healing and clearing of your home
    3) Channeling Pure Love Energy of Creation the group energizes everyone in the room to live their perfect life of infinite abundance, happiness, and joy with perfect health while attracting positive people and positive situations into your life - manifesting the highest frequencies of success, positive money, and wealth!
  • Wrap-Up
  • Final
  • Certification

    • New Courage, Strength, and Confidence

    • Increased Awareness on all Levels

    • Optimal Health at All Times

    • Remain Connected to Source

    • Advancement to a Much Higher Vibration of Energy

    • Clarity of Mind and Purpose

    • Unlimited Energy

    • Increasing Happiness

    • Improved Relationships

    • Powerfully Create Reality

    • Discover Enlightened Secrets

    • Easily Heal Yourself

    • Effortlessly Heal Others

    • Radiate an Abundance of Pure Love

    • Improving Lives of All Around You

    • Increased Intuition

    • Effective Self-Hypnosis Skills

    • Powerfully Evolved Soul

    • And So Much More!


    1. Workbook to refer to any time

    2. Inner Temple of Creation CD

    3. Exclusive Inner Temple of Creation CD for Remote Healing

    4. 1-Year Membership in the Society of White Light

    5. Several Hypnosis and Healing Sessions throughout the class

    6. Monthly meeting and group healing/hypnosis sessions

    7. Certificates


    To read Testimonials of the previous EVOLVE YOUR SOUL/ HEALING WORKSHOP IN NYC  


    Geozuwa is a very charismatic person and a great teacher. I enjoyed the two day workshop because he made it fun besides informative and life changing. I honestly feel this workshop is the best thing I ever did in my entire life! My life has completely changed for the better in every area! I am definitely taking more classes with Geozuwa. I Love it and it works!
    Victoria P. -Staten Island, NY
    December 2011

    Geozuwa makes this all so easy and effortless, and I love that! I now have complete freedom and release from my past and the residual guilt. The knowledge that these teachings can and will change my path/life immediately is invaluable. I love and appreciate Geozuwa’s level of integrity and clarity when conveying the information and teachings. I know I am finally out of my own way and I can move forward with ease and grace. Thank you Geozuwa!!
    Heidi R. -New Paltz, NY
    December 2011

    This program definitely raised my vibration and awareness for my spiritual journey and development. I had a lot of questions answered with regards to certain perspectives in my spiritual life. I was searching and this program lead to quite a lot of information that my Soul has been searching for. Connecting with my Soul to Source and learning how to heal with White Light was most profound. The magnetic experience was mind blowing. This was a wonderful two days well spent. Thank you Geozuwa with Love and Infinite Light.
    Soma S. -Queens, NY
    December 2011

    This class was great. I was able to reach peaks and depths of intensity I never expected to touch! Thanks Geozuwa! Being taught to reach out to Source, to be able to connect anytime, to heal with such power! I feel we have this beautiful healing power throughout the world. This will help me in working with my clients to help give more power, love, and forgiveness and healing to their lives with strength and purpose. I received beautiful messages from my brother who had passed many years ago and who now will guide me through my life’s purpose!
    Amy C. -New Jersey, NJ
    December 2011

    I have become more intuitive and more at peace. Wonderful teachings to live a perfect life! I have received a great amount of Love from the Universe in this class. I already see and feel the wonderful benefits through hypnosis and sharing Pure Love and my life improving on a large scale from this class. I have received many loving messages from my Angels and God to help me in my life and purpose.
    Elizabeth J. -Staten Island, NY
    December 2011

    I definitely recommend this class. It was fun and enjoyable with a great pace. I absolutely feel a change in myself. I am definitely more confident and happier. I now enjoy sending Love and Light. I believe this will help to change everyone’s life and the future.
    Ming M. -New York, NY
    December 2011

    You are the greatest teacher! I appreciate immensely your involvement in sharing your knowledge and experiences with me. I loved every aspect of this workshop!
    A.C. -Queens, NY
    July 2011

    It is an experience of a lifetime, it changes your view, opens your eyes, gives you amazing feelings of being on the right path in evolving yourself and gives you plenty of ways in which you can easily heal yourself and others. I enjoyed it alot. I am grateful to Geozuwa from the bottom of my mind, heart, and soul.
    A.B. -New York, NY
    July 2011

    Geozuwa teaches from the heart without judgement. The lessons taught about sending Love and Light to oneself and others is useful for the whole planet. Perfect acceptance and unconditional love are two of this class' key components. The healing transfer at the end of the class was wonderful and lovely to be a part of.
    S.B. -New York, NY
    July 2011

    This class has given me the tools and confidence to unlock the infinite possibilities within me. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to elevate their life on every level. The teacher/teaching is truly adept. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to continued experiences and benefits to both improve myself and others.
    J.G. -Brooklyn, NY
    May 2011

    Great class! It is a more spiritual and heart oriented workshop on hypnosis. Geozuwa gave me powerful tools to use in the deep trance states. All the experiences in this class healed my life issues instantly. I feel so much better and excited to be alive! I am so grateful for the amazing journey Geozuwa takes us on!
    A.T. -Queens, NY
    May 2011

    Thank you for the chance to become a better person – so easily. I appreciate your commitment, your sense of humor and charisma. You helped me to remember who I am. You were my trigger. I opened myself up, I gained more courage, confidence, and self-esteem. I loved everything about the workshop, but especially forgiving others and myself, and receiving a beautiful gift from the Universe. I will highly recommend this class to others, thank you.
    A.C. -Queens, NY
    May 2011

    I have studied with masters for 25 years and Geozuwa Cuantum is one of the clearest and most consistent in delivering the message. I have rarely found someone with such an inate understanding of accessing Source and the workings of Spirit. His natural NYC approuch is a breath of fresh air among the thousands of Spiritual teachers. You will leave with a new paradigm for reality!
    Tom.S. -New York, NY
    March 2011

    Geozuwa, your teaching is clear, and focused. You have given me a whole new set of techniques to use to improve myself and assist others. Thank you for guiding me to see so many of my relatives on the "Other Side", it was amazing!
    V.B. -Queens, NY
    March 2011

    Geozuwa, the class was everything you said it would be, and more. I thank you for your heart and soul that you pour into the class. I learned so much about myself and how to heal others. I feel that I can help others to heal and find peace. I pray that so many more people will learn the information, the skills, and the connecting to Pure Love that you teach.
    B. L. -Queens, NY
    March 2011

    This is a great class to improve your life, rid yourself of fears, inhibitions, barriers, and to move on with your life's mission. The major benefit for me was being able to go to Source instantly to heal myself and others. I also found it exhilarating getting messages from my spirit guides. Thank you Geozuwa for an amazing experience!
    J.Z. -New York, NY
    January 2011

    It has been a life transforming experience! I highly recommend this workshop not to be missed. George is informative and answered all questions to the satisfaction of everyone. I am more confident since taking this class. All the benefits I have received from this workshop will help me with my future endeavors, especially with healing and service to others.
    D.A. -Nassau County, NY
    January 2011

    The teaching is direct and easy to listen to. I have changed with a more "calming" effect. I can now bring peace, love, and healing to our world and earth. This class has helped me to look inward to believe, expect, and know that I can accomplish anything!
    D.R. -Brooklyn, NY
    January 2011

    Geozuwa's teaching methods are very hands on and intensive. I enjoyed all exercises during the workshop, especially the "White Light Brew". I now have self-hypnosis to use for my inner peace, a feeling of well being, to re-energize myself whenever I need to, and to create a brighter future for myself and others. In addition, I have received clarity of mind, focus, and great confidence! An excellent workshop that has increased the power of my mind!
    A.C.E. -Connecticut
    January 2011

    I was led to this class to improve all areas of my life! This workshop has given me everything I was searching for in developing all of my abilities, psychic and healing. I enjoyed your teaching and I am very grateful for the wonderful experiences throughout. Thank you Geozuwa.
    M.C. -Brooklyn, NY
    January 2011

    The workshop was exciting, fun, and enlightening! I received more answers for my questions in these two days than the last 7yrs of studying healing and spirituality. I made a lot of “Ahah” throughout. After practicing with your CD’s I felt an amazing spiritual high for days. Your class has helped me to heal injuries and to grow spiritually. I know God lead me to you to do healing work for others. Thank you so much!
    Barbara B. -Queens, NY
    November 2010

    Geozuwa has a clear and precise method of teaching. He removes rules and barriers to allow ones higher abilities to be increased. I have gained the ability and confidence to connect to Source and now feel more connection to Source than I did before this workshop. As I work with what I have learned I feel it increase and direct my life’s path much higher and enable me to easily heal others.
    Charlie B. -Bronx, NY
    November 2010

    I am so happy I attended! I was struggling throughout my days. This workshop helped me to be more positive and confident that I'll be able to improve my life and help others. So excited to get started!
    B.K. -New York, NY
    November 2010

    The workshop was great, interesting, helpful, and engaging. I am so much more confident in all of my abilities. I received confirmation on my life's purpose. I enjoy your humor, honesty, and humanity, you made the class fun, exciting, and interesting. I look forward to the next training and future work together. Love and Light.
    T.F. -New York, NY
    November 2010

    I have changed! I am stronger, more positive, more confident, and now have amazing healing abilities! Geozuwa is sincere in his desire to heal and improve the Universe. He is a great teacher giving his all to everyone. I look forward to attending all of his future meetings and workshops.
    M.J. -New York, NY
    November 2010

    I had beautiful experiences in this workshop and recommend that everyone needs to experience it. I am grateful for the benefits I received. I feel more confident than before and I believe more in myself. This training will help me to have abilities to heal my clients while doing acupressure. In addition, during one of the sessions I saw all my family and friends who have passed. God bless you and give you more energy and long life to help others. Thank you very much. Love.
    Cecilia F. -Bronx, NY
    July 2010

    After the first day of the workshop the anxiety that I used to suffer with was completely eliminated. I feel great! This workshop is a completely new field that I’m exposed to for the first time and feel so very positive about the whole experience. In addition, I feel that this is just the beginning for me. Thank you.
    Anat T. - Israel
    July 2010

    Your teaching is simple, concise, yet spectacular. I will definitely recommend the workshop to others. One of the techniques enabled me to cut out most junk food from my life and have lost 25 pounds already. I can now heal my family and friends.
    Angel M. - Mount Vernon, NY
    July 2010

    Your patience, good sense of humor, and Light goes a long way during challenging sessions. As mentioned during class my level of consciousness has more than doubled from the last workshop. I have learned how to see light when reading someone when I see a darkness in them. In addition, I have used anchoring to relax someone who had trouble sleeping. It worked! My life has changed, improved and is always evolving for the good. Thank you and God bless you. Peace, Light, and Blessings.
    Linda L. - Hackensack, NJ
    July 2010

    I’m very fond of you Geozuwa. From the first time I met you at the New Life Expo I became a fan. I learned quite a bit and the experience is worth it. I expect my life to explode in a positive way.
    Robert F. - Bronx, NY
    July 2010

    I enjoyed the workshop and highly recommend it for people on a spiritual path. The teaching was great and I have gained some profound and life changing experiences.
    Marie L. - New York, NY
    July 2010

    Your teaching is good because it is based on your life experience, experience is better than just knowledge it is wisdom.
    Marty K. - New York, NY
    July 2010

    The workshop is relaxing, healing, and it gave me the ability to focus on my inner strength. I am now aware of my unlimited abilities and how I can direct it towards my loved ones to create a much more pleasant environment.
    Orit J. - Staten Island, NY
    July 2010

    Geozuwa, you are an amazing teacher. The more of your seminars I attend the more blessed I feel that I found you to guide and teach me about healing. It is thanks to you that my journey is more incredible. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for all of the light, love, and energy that you share, not only with me, but with all of us! I look forward to our monthly meetings and many more seminars. Thank you again. Namaste-
    Faby – NYC, NY
    April 2010

    Your teaching was very clear and heartfelt! I recommend this class to others because the material benefits everyone who chooses to experience it. And the simplicity is one of the most appealing qualities. Since the class I have become more calm, happy, and acceptive. My sleep has improved. I see the continued improvement in my own life radiating out and uplifting all of life everywhere. I feel that my path will become even clearer and brighter.
    Juliet S. - NYC, NY
    April 2010

    I highly recommend this class to others. The gifts provided such as cd’s to assist in one’s growth was generous as well as a good tool to use. Geozuwa is a pleasure to work with and consult. I look forward to time well spent. He has given me guidance to the next level and has opened my mind to a new way of improving my life, others’ lives, and reaching my goals to enlightenment in the path for health, wealth, and light. Another door has been opened in my journey.
    Linda L. - Hackensack, NJ
    April 2010

    Geozuwa, your teaching is great. In this class I learned to let go and disconnect myself from anything that makes me uncomfortable. I learned to control my craving and desire for sweets. I also learned to heal my aches and pains. What I learned in all of your classes helps me to enhance my practice of Reiki, and allows me to heal others on a much more powerful level.
    Helen SC - Union City, NJ
    April 2010

    Geozuwa, your teaching was very good, you accepted, and responded to all questions very clearly. I am now more confident that I will bring about good change in my life. I am confident that I will heal myself and others. My life and those persons that I come in contact with will be improved forever.
    Ivor P. - Bronx, NY
    April 2010

    Geozuwa, I’ve noticed how much more I’m relaxed from your class. All of the techniques I’ve learned can definitely be used for myself and for others. Pure love has such a positive effect and with this class the benefits will have a domino effect.
    Yvonne P. - Ozone Park, NY
    April 2010

    Your class has helped me to relax much more. Connecting to Source through hypnosis is great! It helped me to realize that everything is possible. If I can imagine it, think it, I can make it happen. My life is already improving in many ways.
    Esther B. - Summit, NJ
    April 2010

    Geozuwa, I now have a renewed belief in my own inner strength and in the fact that so much more is possible than I had dreamed. I was looking for something which would let me get through the doubts that I have about myself as a healer. Your work is exactly what I needed. I now feel the direct line to Source – both for my own self healing and for the benefit of others.
    Christopher G. - Bronx, NY
    April 2010 

    Geozuwa, a wonderful experience! I love the pure love white light healing energy and have felt my existence expand on many levels already – healing, compassion, foregiveness, calm, and focus. Thank you!
    Monika L. - Astoria, NY
    April 2010 

    Geozuwa, you are a great teacher and I am really happy receiving the tools to fix my life. You have helped me reach my goal. I am happy because I can get faster to the white light energy and I have learned to forgive others and myself. Thank you.
    Ingrid C. - Jersy City, NJ
    April 2010


    Geozuwa, you are a son of God!

    Geozuwa, your workshop is a great experience. You have helped me to heal myself. You are an angel!

    Geozuwa, your instruction is personable and attentive. The practice sessions provided in class and the home practice was great. I like that alternative guidance was given and that you gave us the ability to challenge ourselves. You have raised the level of my consciousness. Thank you for the empowerment!

    Knowledgeable, intuitive, thought provoking instruction providing hands on interactive training.

    The teaching is so simple to learn. If you want to help others heal – this is the class!

    For those interested in attending this workshop – expect the unexpected. You’ll discover how easy it is to fix problems and to connect with Source/Higher Self.

    This workshop allows you to get to a deeper part of yourself where all things are possible. It strengthens your connection to Source.

    If you are interested in changing, improving, evolving, and learning amazing new things to live your best loving life - take this class!

    A life changing experience that allows you to change your reality effortlessly so that you can achieve your highest potential.

    To learn more about evolving your soul click here  

    Healing Workshop NYC