The Other Side

The world is now experiencing a rise in spirituality and a much higher natural state of awareness. We know there is much more to our reality than what we physically see and physically experience. You can be of any religious faith or none at all, it really doesn’t matter! Even if you do not have a belief in a perfect world that we go to when we depart this one, you still have questions that need to be answered. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I alone? Is there a God? Is there life after death? Many go through life never having these questions adequately answered, if answered at all. How many people have an emptiness that they can not fill, because they just don’t know? The other side is an indescribable perfect place of beauty, of pure love, absolute knowledge, complete happiness and joy, a place of peacefulness and tranquility. You do not have to believe in it to go there and experience the infinite! My goal is to share this amazing and profound experience with as many people as I possibly can, to not just read about it or see it on TV but to actually experience the nirvana and the knowledge, now, firsthand. Because, how can one truly be convinced of something they can not see, or feel with any of their five senses? The answer is they can not. You can have all the faith in the world, but that’s all you’ll have. So to truly know something is to experience it, to be there, to see, to feel and to communicate face to face with Angels.

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The reader should be comfortable with the fact that you do not have to die to go to the other side. Through hypnosis Geozuwa has guided many to the other side. The client is still very much alive, and will verbally communicate the experience while there, with loved ones and/or their guardian angels. The client’s whole perspective on this life is greatly improved. The client is transformed with a new energy of love flowing throughout their mind, body, and soul. The client is still the same person, but she now has a void filled with absolute certainty that this life is temporary, that the difficulties experienced in this life are really so trivial, and that we have a beautiful and perfect world to go to when we depart this one. Your life and awareness is vastly improved on all levels.

Visit with your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are the higher evolved entities on the Other Side (sometimes known as Guardian Angels) that guide you and watch over you while you are in this life, on the earth plane. Your Spirit Guides have an unconditional and pure love for you. They also have an intimate knowledge of your path (life’s blueprint) from before birth until the day you die – when you rejoin them in our true eternal Home. They are usually present when you are choosing your life’s path, experiences and lessons to learn on earth.

Your Spirit Guides will tell you if you are on your correct path, what the future holds and some of the choices you will be facing, as long as it does not interfere with your path. The valuable information they reveal is always for your higher good and for the evolvement of your soul. Geozuwa recommends that clients bring a written or typed list of questions because when the client is in this beautiful place of pure love, complete happiness and joy, perfect peacefulness and tranquility, they enjoy where they are so much that they forget to ask what they consciously want to know. Also, the list of questions is important if the client is able to and willing to channel and Geozuwa speaks directly to the Spirit Guides.

Just being in their presence helps you heal and grow. You feel the infinite pure love energy of the entire Universe while on the Other Side. You discover so much valuable knowledge and information about yourself, your life, the physical world, and the Other Side. Your mind and soul are recharged with pure white light love energy. Your mind and soul are recharged with the awareness of why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing, and where we are going.

Geozuwa also teaches you how to place yourself easily and effortlessly in this beautiful area of pure love, to communicate with your Spirit Guides and loved ones, in private or group sessions and in his classes and workshops, throughout the year. NOW is the time to evolve your soul and elevate your awareness on all levels! Contact Geozuwa NOW to schedule a free consultation and book an amazing life transformation or to get more information about his workshops 646-606-9935 or


The Council is a group of the highest evolved entities on the Other Side. They are the brightest and most intelligent of all the entities on the Other Side. They have an unconditional and pure love for all. They are the ones that help us in choosing our paths for this life. There is no negativity on the Other Side and because it is so perfect many of us first choose very difficult paths. We choose paths with so much pain and suffering. We feel like Superman and believe we can handle anything and everything thrown our way. Well, the Council knows better. We actually go before the Council sometimes dozens of times before our actual life’s path and lessons are finalized. Of course, it is ultimately up to us, (we have true free will on the Other Side) how we learn and grow.

However, we respect their wisdom and love so much that we trust they know what we can handle and what may be too difficult for us. If you feel you have really suffered on earth and experienced so many hardships and heart breaks – you may be one of those entities who respectfully declined their final guidance and was so absolutely confident and determined to prove that you could handle the difficult path you chose for yourself. If your path is currently overwhelming and too difficult Geozuwa can help you to alter it (learn more) . Or you may be experiencing so many difficulties because you may actually be off of your path. It is so very important and so vastly valuable to know if you are on your actual path or not. Contact Geozuwa for a free consultation. 646-606-9935.

In order to visit with the Council in your present consciousness you must be of a higher power. Your soul must be higher evolved than most. (learn how to evolve your soul) However, you can re-experience your visits with the Council before you were born, when you were charting your life’s path with their help and guidance.


Geozuwa guides you to the deepest levels of hypnosis then directs you through some of your past lives. When you are ready, he guides you to your life on the Other Side after the death in the last life and before your rebirth into this one. You will go through the experience of your soul leaving your last physical existence and entering the Other Side. You will go through the orientation process and then the review process. You will review your previous life with the council. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Anything unfinished, that you may need to re-address in your next life?

You will re-experience your time with your circle of friends, family, and Spirit Guides. You will re-experience what, why, and how you were learning and growing while on the Other Side. You’ll go through the process of choosing your path and life lessons for this life, with the council, and your discussions with your Spirit Guides. You will also discover how and why you chose your body type, your parents, family, and location of your birth. This is a very powerful and profound experience for true self awareness. Discovering how and why you chose this life is so valuable in understanding and improving one’s life.


Imagine visiting with your loved ones after they have passed. The value and benefits are almost indescribable. What Geozuwa offers to his clients that want this experience, is so exceptionally different than what any other medium or psychic has to offer. There is no guess work, there are no interpreting symbols, and there is no confusion or double talk. You may have seen mediums on TV guessing at letters of names, and relationships, and looking for any facial or other physiological responses to verify their fishing for answers. If it is real or not, who knows? But, with Geozuwa there is no guess work, there is no in between, no medium, you are face to face with your loved one. You are in this beautiful area of pure love, complete happiness and joy, a peaceful and tranquil place of perfection in which you see, hear, and feel your loved one very clearly! They share their love with you, while describing what they are doing and how they are learning and growing on the Other Side. They let you know that they may have been with you on certain occasions after they had passed.

It is an amazingly warm and loving experience. If you have any questions or need closure with your departed loved ones Geozuwa is more than happy to be your guide. Once again, there is no guess work! You have all of your questions answered directly! You are face to face with your loved one! You see, hear, and feel the experience very clearly!

Naturally, the more you become aware of your need to discover and desire to have these experiences, the more you realize that the time for this knowledge and for these experiences is right NOW! Call Geozuwa now for a free consultation and to book these wonderful, amazing, and loving experiences. 646-606-9935 or email

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The Other Side